Wildflower Western Australia Chardonnay

ABV 13
Sale price$15.99


Just like the region’s flora, this wine is distinctively Western Australian - white peach accents offer a bright, mid-weight finish to this gently oaked Chardonnay. Grown in handpicked sites across Australia’s Margaret River and Pemberton best performing regions for the Chardonnay grape varietal.

3 of 12,000 Flame Pea – Chorizema cordatum Lindl. The genus Chorizema contains approximately eighteen species and all but one are endemic to Western Australia. Chorizema cordatum, commonly known as the Heart-leaf Flame Pea, occurs naturally in the forests of south-western Australia on gravelly or loamy soils.

When in flower, this small scrambling shrub is conspicuous with its loose racemes of orange-red or yellow pea flowers. The plant flowers in spring; the blooms are in racemes up to 12 cm long and are borne either terminally or in the leaf axils.


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