Kimerud Gin 700ml

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ABV 40.0%

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Kimerud Gin 40% is a highly awarded gin. The gin is well balanced owing to the careful blending of 22 fine botanicals. Most of the botanicals is homegrown on Kimerud farm. 

Set in a family farm distillery in Lier valley Norway, Master Distiller Ståle Håvaldsen Johnsen made this complex and smooth gin, that is perfect for a Gin Tonic.

The spirit is distilled 5 times and we add only pure mountain water after distillation. Distilled in the same way as an "London Dry Gin".

Some of the botanicals we use includ`s Juniper, Coriander, Ginger Root, Walnut, Mint, Angelica, Orange and Lemon Peel.

An aroma of the sea can be noted in the gin as we use the herb «Rhodiola Rosea» picked on the cliff of the Arctic`s Norwegian Sea.

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