Domaine de Cantarelle Cotes de Provence Rose

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ABV 12.0%
Cotes de Provence AOP
Vegan Friendly

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CANTARELLE CÔTES DE PROVENCE From the appellation d'Origine Protégée comes this delight. Brilliant peach colour. Expressive and floral nose with notes of ripe and exotic fruits. On the palate, notes of ripe and exotic fruits, balanced. The vines are grown on Clay and limestone soils surrounded by a Mediterranean climate. The grapes are harvested at optimal maturity in order to preserve the maximum number of aromatic precursors. The harvest is carried out at night to keep the grapes fresh. The pressing takes place in an inert gas (nitrogen) press in order to avoid any oxidation of the juices. Then, the juices ferment slowly in thermo-regulated vats between 7° and 8°C. To extract the maximum amount of aromas, the bourbes macerate at 4°C for two weeks, and there are filtered and added to the fermentation vats. The best vats are then selected for a precise blend to obtain the desired profile for this cuvée

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