Colomba Bianca Resilience Lucido

About The Wine

ABV 12.5%
Sicilia DOC
Vegan Friendly

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Sale price$31.49
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Sale price$34.99


Colomba Bianca is one of the biggest producer of organic wine in Europe with 1.800 ha of organic vineyards. The goal of the company is even bigger because we want to certify organic the same quantity within 4 years. By studying the terroir QUALITY is their strength.

Intense and strong on the nose. Notes of kiwi and melon blend with hints of elderflower, creating a fine and intriguing bouquet of aromas.

The mouthfeel is smooth and gentle. Dry on the palate, with a moderate alcohol content. The sapidity part highlights notes of fruit and flower distinctive of the wine. Perfectly balanced with an excellent mouth endurance, tasty and persistent due to the distinct notes of orange-blossom and elderflower

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