Whats your white wine preference? Bone Dry - Dry - Semi Sweet - Sweet - Super Sweet

Some wines are so sweet they stick to the inside of your mouth like a rich oil where as others sit way down the other end of the scale they leave your mouth and teeth dry as a chip.

For those of you on the hunt or open to trying new wines why not try something on the other end of the spectrum from your usual go-to. 

Generally, Italian Pinot Grigio, Chablis and Granche Blanc all usually sit down the dry end of the spectrum delicious for their lemon and mineral flavours. Moving along to some savoury herbaceous delights you will find some of the French Sauvignon Blancs and with some added green apple and grapefruit elements.

Sliding up the dry scale we welcome our friends Chardonnay, Semilion and Marsane with their traditional yellow apple and pineapple flavours. Moving from dry to somewhere just in-between you will find some crowd favourite easy drinkers such as Pinot Gris, dry Riesling and other Sauvignon Blancs. 

Lets get a sweeter drop on your tongue with a Moscato or Gewurztraminer. If your looking for a really sweet hit try a Sauternes, Sweet Riesling or jump right to the tip of the sweet scale with a port or Muscat. 

Wherever you sit on the wine scale be sure to stock up your fridge for Spring is just around the corner. 

White wine