Pasta night is the best night!

Pasta night is the best night!

Who doesn't love pasta? Australians must have a soft spot because its sold out of the supermarkets AGAIN! With the knowledge of empty pasta shelves its time to match some good wines with whats in the cupboard. 

Winter pasta like a creamy mushroom ragu or home made carbonara (with egg mixed through) love being paired with a beautiful Chardonnay or crispy Sauvignon Blanc. Creamy pasta traditionally goes well with a full bodied white wine. 

Those medium bodied red wines are a great match for tomato based pasta. Think Sangiovese or Pinot Noir and who could look past some of our local gems. 

Whatever is on your menu Purvis Cellars has a wine to match. Try one of our suggestions below or view the whole range. If your still not sure what to match with your dinner send us a DM on socials or drop into the store for a socially distance wine pickup and some paring advice. 

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