Get cozy by the fireplace

Get cozy by the fireplace

Winter is a time for warm comforts and of course good wine. Lets open a bottle and take an extra long sip thinking of the talented wine makers pruning back their vines during winter whilst we stay cozy and warm reaping the rewards of their hard work.

The team at Yal Yal Estate sure know the feel of winter. To paint a picture of where the wines from Yal Yal Estate are grown and produced you need to picture Victorians Mornington Peninsula. The vineyard is tucked into the valley amongst the rolling hills of Merricks. Nor far from the beach, the vineyard gently slopes down the hill and abuts 20 acres of untrammeled Australian bush. The vineyard resounds with the sounds of kookaburra’s calling and koala’s seeking their mates. An old wallaby can often be found at dusk hopping between the vines. If you close your eyes you might be mistaken for thinking the warmth of the fire is the sun shining through as you sip these delicious wines. 

Dream of a warmer winter in Western Australia whilst you enjoy a bottle from the team at Attollo Wines. Winter for WA brings whale migration, flowing rivers and big ocean swell. 

The fruit is sourced from select vineyards in Margaret River and the surrounds in South West of Western Australia in search of distinctive terroir. Savour each sip from the warmth of your home. These wines are made using minimal handling techniques to allow for full expression of this terroir, having patience and care in maturation and elevation of the season’s essence into unique limited release wines.

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