Savaterre Frere Cadet Pinot Noir

About The Wine

ABV 13.5%
Pinot Noir

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Sale price$44.99
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Thought process behind Frere Cadet releases is to be a less expensive artisan alternative to mass-produced industrial wines. To be enjoyed more regularly than the more complex Savaterre Estate wines.

This Pinot Noir is delicious. In no way simple or fruit driven, however open and approachable at a young age. Juicy acid with a lively structure. Aromas of dark morello cherry, rose petals, brambles, allspice, clove and nutmeg. A compliment of fine oak is lurking in the background and manifests itself as a subtle cedary, cigar box aroma. The flavours accurately reflect the aromas. All held together with a, for want of a better word, juiciness. It refreshes your taste buds during a meal without interfering with the main course!

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