Louis Roederer Champagne Collection 242

About The Wine

ABV 12.0%
Pinot Meunier
Pinot Noir

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Sale price$98.99
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Sale price$109.99


It is a new ambition, a freedom that has led us today to write a new chapter in our history by creating Collection.

Collection is based on a selection of plots chosen in the heart of the Champagne region, adapted to its identity, with priority given to sustainable wine-growing practices.

Started with the 2012 vintage, enriched each year with the last harvest and kept in large capacity stainless steel vats, this Réserve Perpétuelle brings new sensations, both tactile and tasteful: the wine thus finds more breadth, depth, material and relief; its more enveloping, more fleshy texture enhances its complexity.

42% Chardonnay, 36% Pinot Noir & 22% Pinot Meunier.

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