Le Brun de Neuville Lady de Neuville Clovis

About The Wine

ABV 12.0%
Pinot Noir

Price (Dozen):
Sale price$117
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Sale price$130


This Champagne shows a pale yellow-gold dress and light green-yellow hints with silver shades. The rather dense disc makes fine and light bubbles bloom, creating a persisting neck label.

The first nose is reminiscent of linden, cherry, gooseberry, pear, and red apple. When aerated, it turns to notes of honeysuckle, blackcurrant, Sichuan pepper, muscatel fresh grape, and lily, with smoked, balsamic, and iodised accents.

The approach in the palate is soft and fresh with a creamy and melted effervescence. The wine develops with some fleshy density of white, red, and black fruits, enhanced with peppered aromas. The final takes over the aromas and the tactile footprint of pulpy fruits, with much greediness and sap in an ultimate saline vibration, is very palatable.

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