Le Brun de Neuville Authentique Blanc de Blanc

About The Wine

ABV 13.0%

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Sale price$89.99
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The Champagne is presented in a square-ring bottle, the sign of an ageing process with a cork. It reveals itself dressed in a pale yellow golden colour with tints of buttercup yellow, and pale silver/yellow light reflections. The first nose evokes fragrances of daffodils and cloves, together with scents of stony chalk, lemon heart, fresh almond, and fresh grapes. When aerated, the wine reveals notes of yellow grapefruit zest, Carensac sweet liquorice, and white pepper. A further aeration rewards us with smells of dried fruit, vanilla, and roasting. The approach in mouth is soft and fresh, with a delicate and melted effervescence. The wine develops with a density of pulpy white fruit enhanced by peppered aromas and a lemony acidity. The mid-palate is orchestrated by a very pure chalky minerality which provides elegance and lengthens the palate.

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