Feudo Arancio Nero d'Avola

About The Wine

ABV 13.0%
Nero d'Avola
Sicilia DOC

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Nero d'Avola, this native grape variety of Sicily, stands like no other for the recent success story of Sicilian viticulture. The deep ruby red Feudo Arancio Nero d'Avola smells intensely of currants, wild strawberries and pomegranate. On the palate, the pure Nero d'Avola is supple and velvety, with a distinctly fruity character and a pleasant acidity. This red wine from two locations of southern Sicily combines a ripe and full-bodied wine with a delicate lye."The result is a far above-average structured, elegant and fresh Nero d'Avola, which has been expanded in the barrique for six months. Discover the Feudo Arancio Nero d'Avola with risotto, baked appetizers, red meat, game, lamb and various spicy cheeses.This very aromatic Nero d'Avola is also a nice accompaniment to the typical Sicilian dish Pasta alla Norma.

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