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Region: Yarra Valley

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Arlo’s wine is sourced from 2 premium Upper Yarra Valley vineyards.

First picked was the Primavera vineyard in Woori Yallock where we harvested 3 clones of Pinot Noir (35% MV6, 35% G8V3, 30% 115) on the same day. Later that week, we picked Pinot Noir clone MV6 from the cooler Cordillera vineyard near the township of Macclesfield.

Both vineyards are elevated, north/north easterly facing and grown on free draining volcanic clay loam soils.

At the winery, all fruit was meticulously handsorted with the Primavera MV6 portion being tipped to the bottom of a single open fermenter as whole bunches. Both the G clone and 115 was fully destemmed, tipped on top and cold soaked for a day or so before wild fermentation commenced. Cordillera was similarly processed, but we opted to use only 10% whole bunches due to the ‘autumnal character’ this fruit so often delivers. Again, we fermented using wild yeast and both pots received minimal attention, only a quick hand plunge as needs.

Once dry, the Primavera ferment was left on skins for a further 5 days before being drained, footstomped and gently pressed. The slower fermenting Cordillera fruit was on skins for 3 weeks total before being pressed and run to new and old oak for maturation.

Both vineyard parcels were kept separate in 300L Hogsheads until blending in November 2019. After settling in tank, Arlo’s Pinot Noir was bottled without fining, only minimal sulphur and light filtration.

The final blend comprises of 60% Primavera fruit and 40% Cordillera. 25% whole bunches were used during ferment and the new oak component is 20% of total.

Arlo is slowly but surely unwinding in bottle. He’s showing complex but tightly wound aromatics of dark and red sour cherries, amaro, dried rose petals and ginger spice. Quality oak is there - in the background, and the tannins are powdery and long. As Arlo grows up, his wine will surely improve. Give him 2-5 years in the cellar if you can, or decant now and enjoy early

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