Corra Linn Single Malt Whisky Cask 61 700ml

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ABV 53.0%

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Corra Linn Distillery crafts a unique and premium product in the heart of Tasmania. Using only the best ingredients, and distiller techniques that have been fine-tuned to delight every occasion. A combination of passion and a hint of Tasmania means the result is distinctly superb and unique to the palate. Citrus, full of body and character allows the essence to speak for itself. 

Distilled at 70% then cut down using Cradle Mountain water to 60%.  Filled in a 100 litre port cask that was heavy charred at 60% ABV. Over two years in barrel, the golden liquid is light/righ in colour with an oily glow. Cut again using Cradle Mountain water when bottled at 53%.

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