Coleccion Roberto Amillo Amontillado 40yr Old 21% 500ml

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ABV 21.0%

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A passionate sherry enthusiast, Roberto Amillo, started the Espíritus de Jerez company in 2011 sourcing exceptionally old soleras from various Bodegas and bottling them under the Colección Robert Amillo label. This Pedro Ximenez is sourced from Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla and is reputed to an average age in excess of 25 years. Aromas of dried apricots and candied oranges, cedar oak and macademia nuts. Toffee. Mushrooms on toast. Bouquet garni. Caramel coated peanuts and honey. Nice balance between subtle fruits and drier oxidized aromas. The palate is rich and oily. Evolves towards softly bitter notes (Seville oranges), slightly tangy oak and walnut skin. Some fresh herbs again. Quite fresh and vivid for its age. A faint hint of coffee in the aftertaste. Long finish.

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