Six Acres Spectrum Pet Nat

About The Wine

ABV 12.8%
Pet Nat
Yarra Valley

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The 2020 Six Acres Spectrum Pet Nat is spritzy deliciousness made to be shared with friends on a hot day around the pool!

We made this wine predominantly with chardonnay. Full of zesty citrus notes, a creamy texture on the palate with plenty of vibrant acidity backbone for a dry finish. Effervescent, lively and fun.

But what exactly is Pet Nat…?
Short for Petillant Naturel, these are naturally sparkling, thirst-quenching wines with plenty of personality! More commonly known as Pet Nat, these wines use an ancient winemaking technique where the wine finishes its primary fermentation in the bottle, trapping carbon dioxide and a sediment of yeast lees.

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