J Moreau & Fils Chardonnay

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Vins de France are produced from grapes sourced in different french vineyard regions. This quite new appellation (2009) allows for a greater liberty in winemaking compared to the appellation system for you can blend varietals from different regions and vintages, plus choose the best technique to enhance them.

It is for the consumer the opportunity to taste an easy-drinking wine yet very qualitative and with a constant style.

The grapes used to make this wine come from the South and West of France. More precisely, we seeked plots made of terraces and gentle slopes with stony, clay-limestone and sandy soils, in order to get what we think a perfect

expression of the Chardonnay: fresh and fruity, yet round and fleshy.

A limpid, brilliant pale yellow colour. Aromas are intense with a hint of citrus, then complex with notes of honey and fresh fruit. The palate is Fleshy and fresh, it boasts an impressively fruity, long-lasting finish.

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